Miniature Artist, Gunasekaran Sundarraj

Miniature Artist, Gunasekaran Sundarraj

Gunasekaran Sundarraj is an Indian Miniature artist known for his talent in painting and sculpting on grains and articles like grains of rice, mustard, sago, poppy seeds, pencil tips and anything that catches his attention. His talent has led to a number of achievements in Miniature Art. In the year 2012, he won the Sardar Patel Awards, an International Award. He was honored with the title of ‘Shri’ recently. Some of his popular and outstanding works include: an art of Mahatma Gandhi on a poppy seed, the world map drawn on a mustard seed, 700 various pictures drawn on a stamp size card and a visiting card, 1800 various pictures drawn on a post card. Gunasekaran Sundarraj has also painted one of the world wonders, the Taj Mahal, on a grain of Rice. It is said that these miniature arts are done without the help of any microscope or lens, while drawing. But his works are so intricate that it can be viewed by others only through magnifying lens. Gunasekaran Sundarraj’s latest achievement is that he has drawn 50 leaders on a grain of rice and 1800 pictures on a post card.

Personal life

Gunasekaran was born on 31 October 1981 to Mr.Sundarraj, a retired bank manager and Mrs.Umaiyal, a home maker, in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. He is the grandson of a painter and photographer popularly known as Photo Balu in Trichy, Tamil Nadu. He did his schooling from class 1 to class 6 in St.Mira's High School, Bangalore. He completed the remaining years of his schooling in National College Higher Secondary School in Trichy. He graduated from Srimad Andavan Arts & Science College, Trichy. His family lives in Trichy.

His artistic talent was inborn but it was not identified or promoted during the early years of his life. He received his inspiration and motivation from the paintings of his grandfather and learnt from them. Later, seeing his interest, he was encouraged by his parents. His love for painting started at the age of three, when he retouched the painting of an old advertisement for Bata Shoes, kept aside by his grandfather. Gradually his interest in painting increased and he started proving himself by painting on charts. He participated and won prizes in a number of drawing, painting, sketching competitions at school and district level.

It was one such school art exhibition which made him turn his attention towards miniature arts. At the exhibition, Guna was disappointed by the spectators who dismissed his painting as yet another painting in the school exhibition. It motivated and created a fire in him to paint something which was one of a kind and would stand out to the visitors. The experience at this school exhibition and his habit of painting on the corners of the papers/charts inspired him to transform his works into miniature art. When he was in class 7, he started his art on rice. In 1997, when he was in 9th standard his works were noticed by the people around him after he drew 700 pictures on a single post card and 50 leaders on a grain of rice.

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